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I will be discussing how to technically listing “items for sale on eBay UK”

wp premiere | “items for sale on eBay UK”. There are 2 eBay selling formats: Auction format and Fixed price Format. Those will be discussed in detail later. I designed this post as a step by step guide, starting from the very basic up to advanced selling. You can apply the basic steps, get familiar with eBay selling and then come back here for more advanced techniques.

During Listing to your item, always try to do it while reading the explanation here. It will be more easy for you and More practical.

Let us don’t waste more time and Go for “items for sale on eBay UK”

A Good Picture is Much Better Than 10000’s Words:

Have a very nice picture of the product you are going to sell. Let us assume that we are going to sell this baby monitor. Always keep your pictures in high quality as this one.

items for sale on eBay UK

Now, let’s go to the next And see how you can list your item. Follow my snapshots. After you log in to your eBay account, click sell.

items for sale on eBay UK
items for sale on eBay UK

Now the First step is to choose a Category, Let us Find a Category For our Baby Monitor. Always list your item in the right category. This will improve search results.

items for sale on eBay UK
items for sale on eBay UK

To listing your item page, we will discuss each section in detail now.

The title of your listing is the most important thing. This is how buyers will find your listing.

items for sale on eBay UK

Be very descriptive and think of what buyers are looking for. In this example, I wrote the title of “Babe Sound Baby Monitor Prenatal Heart Sound”. “ow if someone searches [baby sound baby monitor] or [baby monitor] or [baby heart sounds] or [prenatal heart sounds monitor] he will find your listing. Imagine if you wrote in your title “Bebe Sound Baby Monitor”, how many buyers searching for your monitor, you have lost. 

The Bottom line: keep the title full of the words buyers are searching for. lick to add pictures, then you choose basic and click browse to bring the picture from your computer.

items for sale on eBay UK

After Uploading your image, go ahead and write a description of your listing, as will be shown in the next page. Write a clear description of the item you are selling.

items for sale on eBay UK

Pick up the selling format [Auction or fixed price o]. Don’t forget to calculate your fees before setting your price [fees will be discussed in detail in late chapters]. Fixed-price format requires certain feedback requirements which will be explained in other Page.

items for sale on eBay UK

Now set up your payment preferences. For all fixed price and store inventory formats, always check “require immediate payment when buyer uses buy it now”

set a shipping price and shipping service.

items for sale on eBay UK

You can always visit to have a shipping estimate based on the weight of your package.

items for sale on eBay UK

The sales tax varies with each state. Also, see the policy of your state for internet sales tax. Change your return policy depending on the type of item you are selling. For example, personalized items cannot be returned.

items for sale on eBay UK

items for sale on eBay UK

Before pressing continue, make sure that you have a look at insertion fees [there will be another final value fee that will be charged when your item sells. You can then press continue.

After pressing continue, you will be directed to the listing upgrade page for extra fees. I don’t recommend it for beginners. Just go to the bottom of the page to preview your listing and then list it.

Preview your listing just to make sure it’s Ok. And then List Your Item

To Summarize Have a very nice picture of your item. Choose the proper category for your item. Choose a very descriptive title full of the words that buyers are searching for. This is how buyers will find your listing.

Write a nice, attractive and good looking description of your item. Choose the right selling format. Calculate your eBay fees, Paypal fees, and shipping fees accurately.

I recommend at this stage to start test driving selling on eBay. Pick up something used at your home and easy to ship like a nice handbag or even a book. Make a trip to the post office to see how it will cost to ship it flat rate. List your item and put a reasonable price. Even if not sold, at least you practiced.

One of the most important things at this stage is to start building feedback by buying some items. Now let me take you to the next chapter to discuss in detail different selling formats.


Hopefully, We trust Listing “items for sale on eBay UK”  post has helped you discover some for your very own work.


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